About us

Born a seed, our creativity is inspired by nature, the desire to simplify and the vision to be unique - just like you and the spaces you create.

I started my career opening the minds of young people - working at the leading university in the country in which I was born. With time came new opportunities, the opportunity to colour the world we live in - one paint can at a time. Working at a leading multinational coatings company I worked in various roles in the Middle East and Africa bringing colour to the lives of those in want and more importantly those in need. As the years passed I joined yet another industry leading multinational - this time in the field of energy - lighting the world a million light bulbs at a time. 

Having seen the world through the eyes of the youth, the colour of different cultures and under the light of a billion little sparks - I set my eyes on my biggest challenge yet. One to follow my true passion - the passion for creativity. 

Carpe Diem Space was born from this passion. 

Some fun facts about the business - its a family run business. My creativity is supplemented by my elder daughter's love for numbers and accounting, my younger daughters love for unicorns and big dreams, not to mention my husbands two left thumbs assisting with the wood working. The gazebo is our work table, the laundry room is our warehouse and our driveway a delivery station. 

Our products are created one by one - they're handmade, unique and most importantly tools to help you bring out your creativity and passion. They are made to fill the space around you, with memories, love and individuality. They are small scribbles to colour in your life spaces. They are blank pages for you to write on. They are made for you, to be who you are and seize the moment. 

Welcome to Carpe Diem Space - discover your soul space. 

With love,

Mehreen @ Carpe Diem Space